General Info

The DiggyVerse server is based in the UK and runs 24/7.

It is based on our own DiggyVerse modpack which contains
more than 80 awesome mods, including 6 developed
especially and exclusively for the modpack!

To add DiggyVerse to your Technic Launcher
visit the official Technic Platform page:

DiggyVerse on Technic Platform

Note: You must change the launchers memory to 1.5-2.0 GB.

It's also worth remembering that with Java programs (like Minecraft) more memory does not always give better performance, changing the memory to a value larger than 2.0GB can actually have the opposite effect due to the way it is managed.

You can change the amount of memory by clicking "Launcher Options" in the top right corner, then clicking on the "Java Settings" tab and selecting a new value from the "Memory" drop down.

The server supports a maximum of 50 players.

Server owner: DiggyWig

For help or to report a bug / issue e-mail: 

Current Staff




For the best player experience we strongly recommend 
using the official texture pack!

Official Texture Pack (64x)

The DiggyVerse modpack/server has an official 64x texture pack,
it is based on the Sphax PureBDcraft texture pack and must be
downloaded in two parts as per the instructions below.


When adding the resource packs ensure that the DiggyVerse patch is at the top of the list (as in the image below), otherwise you will not see some of the customised textures.

The official DiggyVerse texture pack patch for Sphax PureBDcraft is available from:


The Sphax PureBDcraft vanilla pack (1.7.10) is available from:

http://adf.ly/564553/spbdc-64-mc17 (12.8 MB)

Note: This is the official adf.ly link, profits from this link go to Sphax.

Improving performance

The modpack includes the BetterFPS mod, if you're experiencing low FPS you may want to try loading a different algorithm by using F12.

For most players the default Riven's "Full" algorithm should give the best performance, however certain graphics cards respond better to other options, such as Riven's "Half" algorithm.

The modpack also supports OptiFine, but when using it BetterFPS should generally be disabled by setting it to "Vanilla Algorithm" for best results.


The DiggyVerse modpack fully supports OptiFine, however the
mod author does not allow inclusion in modpack downloads.

For this reason the mod must be downloaded separately and
installed manually, it's very easy to do though!

How to get and install these mods:

Only the following version is supported, using a different 
version may result in unexpected behaviour / bugs...

Step 1: Download the mod using the link/s below:

OptiFine (1.2 MB):


Note: This is the official adf.ly link, profits from this link go to the mod author.

This can be found at:

Linux: home/.technic/modpacks/diggyverse/mods
Windows: C:\Users\[user]\AppData\.technic\modpacks\diggyverse\mods
Or: C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\diggyverse\mods

Note: You will need to copy these mod back into the mod folder
after doing a client update so keep a copy handy!

Optifine does not always improve performance and in some cases
may have the opposite effect, see what works best for you!

World & Data Resets

As with any Minecraft server worlds will sometimes have to be reset, but rest assured we will only ever reset the main worlds as a last resort, we have also taken the following steps to help you protect yourself from resets:

Vaults: Players of Citizen rank or above can get a room in VaultWorld, allowing them to securely store up to 208 stacks of items. If the main world resets VaultWorld is unaffected and items can easily be retrieved from your Vault as soon as the server is back up! 

VeteranWorld: Long-term players that reach Veteran rank gain access to this additional world, along with VIP players. Not only is this world far less likely to be griefed but it is also far less likely to need to be reset as it is smaller and far less populated than the main world. 

To keep backup times down we do reset player data if you haven't been on the server for an extended period, usually 90 days. However Vault rooms are not affected by this unless all rooms are taken, we need to free some up for active players and you have not told us you will be returning.