Modpack Bugs

Like any Minecraft modpack DiggyVerse has a few bugs and quirks, we work hard to make sure that wherever possible they are fixed but being made up of the work of over 70 individuals sometimes it's just not possible.

Remember: Any bugs you find (that aren't already on this list) should be reported to DiggyWig, not the mod author, that way they don't get bombarded with bugs that are already known or we can fix ourselves!

This a complete list of all the known bugs and quirks in the current version of DiggyVerse:
  • Nothing to see here! As of version 2.0.9 all known bugs have been fixed!
The following aren't bugs but are worth mentioning as they can confuse people:
  • Chisel - Chiselled blocks will not always work like their vanilla equivalents. For example you cannot grow plants on chiselled dirt, it may look similar but it has a different ID and is designed for decorative rather than functional use.
  • Carpenters Blocks - Carpenters Tiles are not removed like a normal block, sneak + left click removes them, sneak + right-click rotates them.
  • Riding Mobs - You can still take fall damage when riding mobs, this is normal vanilla behaviour. However, if you jump off you'll take damage from that height, time it right and you wont take any damage at all!
  • Secret Rooms - Like other blocks from this mod One-Way Glass takes on some of the properties of the block it disguises itself as. This can make them incompatible with some blocks that need a clear path to the sky or daylight, such as beacons.