Friday 30 October 2015

Scheduled Downtime

The server is down for maintenance as follows:
  1. Full backup/clone - Completed.
  2. Clean out old logs and data - Completed.
Scheduled Downtime:
Date: 30/10/15
Started:  10:00 am (UK)
Finished:  10:30 am (UK)

The server is back up and you can now connect!

Thursday 29 October 2015

Scheduled Maintenance

The server will be down for maintenance tomorrow as follows:
  1. Full backup/clone.
  2. Clean out old logs and data.
Scheduled Downtime:
Date: 30/10/15
Est Start:  10:00 am (UK)
Est Finish:  11:00 am (UK)

Monday 26 October 2015

Triple Win For DiggityDuck!

It was definitely a very lucky day for DiggityDuck,
he scored a triple win on the slots at spawn! 

Well done!

  Remember we pay $250 for every screenshot / image we
use, it's always fun to see what you guys/gals are up to!

Sunday 18 October 2015

Nevs' & Diggin's Underground Base

Nevs' sent me some screenshots of their new underground base, 
it's still a work in progress but it's looking amazing so far!

This is definitely one of the best uses of Carpenters Blocks I've seen for a while
 and it looks great combined with the Chisel textures...

The coloured glowstone blends in really well too!

Looking around you can already spot items from various other mods
too, especially Tinkers and Metallurgy... 

That's one seriously impressive build already!

  Remember we pay $250 for every screenshot / image we
use, it's always fun to see what you guys/gals are up to!

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Version 1.3.6 released!

Main changes in this version:
  • Updated DiggysMobs to 1.3.2a (was 1.3.2):
    • Improved bounding (hit) boxes for all mobs.
    • Ectoplasm Block & Slender Quartz potion effects tweaked.
    • Spectre & Mushling code overhaul.
    • Several other minor code tweaks.
  • Updated DiggysStuff to 1.6.0c (was 1.6.0b):
    • Purple Endstone (including Diggyolite ore version) now cannot be broken by Ender Dragon.
    • Several other minor code tweaks.
As always you can find full details in the Changelog on Technic Platform.

This is a mandatory update and is required to join the server!

    Monday 12 October 2015

    GameWorld - Free Bread For Parkour!

    We noticed that some players were getting a little frustrated due to starving whilst 
    trying to complete the Parkour minigames, so we made a little change...

    You can now get unlimited free bread at the starting points!

    Just right-click the sign and you can take as much as you want.


    Wednesday 7 October 2015

    Done Studying & 1.7.10

    Well I've finally completed my degree (results due in December) and I'm gradually getting around to doing all the things I put off over the last year to concentrate on my final project!

    Despite being bogged down recently the modpack is stable, all the kinks are ironed out (except for a couple of relatively small unfixable bugs, like any modpack) so now I can just get on with adding new content to my mods and advertising to attract new players.

    That said, lots of people have mentioned in the feedback over the last year that they would like to see us move to Minecraft 1.7.10, mainly so we can support name changes.

    We did actually start putting together a test version of the modpack, based on 1.7.10, about 6 months ago when a few of the major mods were finally updated. I'm pleased to say that most of the mods we currently have in the current 1.6.4 version have also updated since then, although a few have decided not to.

    I've spent some time over the last few days updating my own mods to 1.7.10, which was actually a huge task, as well as starting work on new ones which will replace those not being updated (meaning that 6-7 of my own mods will be included in the update). 

    So, although we still have a lot of work to do a 1.7.10 update is in the works for release in 2016. I'll give a more specific time once we have started more in depth testing.

    This doesn't mean that I'll stop updating the current 1.6.4 version though. 

    My modding skills have come a long way since I started writing the current mods and rewriting code for 1.7.10 has highlighted a few things that could be improved in the current version, I've also been trying out some new ideas for features which I intend to 'backport' to 1.6.4.

    The 1.7.10 update will also include some major new additions! Based on player feedback we've decided that the modpack should have a more magical aspect to it.

    As well as complimenting some of the existing mods this would add more depth and a huge number of new possibilities. I don't want to reveal too much at this stage (as a lot can change during testing) but this will include the addition of Thaumcraft and other complimentary mods.

    Hopefully I'll see you in game soon!