Wednesday 14 October 2015

Version 1.3.6 released!

Main changes in this version:
  • Updated DiggysMobs to 1.3.2a (was 1.3.2):
    • Improved bounding (hit) boxes for all mobs.
    • Ectoplasm Block & Slender Quartz potion effects tweaked.
    • Spectre & Mushling code overhaul.
    • Several other minor code tweaks.
  • Updated DiggysStuff to 1.6.0c (was 1.6.0b):
    • Purple Endstone (including Diggyolite ore version) now cannot be broken by Ender Dragon.
    • Several other minor code tweaks.
As always you can find full details in the Changelog on Technic Platform.

This is a mandatory update and is required to join the server!