Below is a basic list of available commands, using /help in game will also provide more information on how to use most of these commands:

Teleport commands:

/tpa- request teleport to user.
/tpahere- request teleport user to you.
/back- teleport back to last location.
/tpaccept- accept a teleport request.
/tpdeny- deny a teleport request.
/spawn- teleport to the main spawn.
/mvs or /mv spawn- teleport to the current worlds spawn point.

Home commands:

/home- teleport home.
/home [id]- teleport to home [id] if you have multiple homes.
/sethome- sets your home with the default id 'home'.
/sethome [id]- sets your home and assigns it an id.
/delhome [id]- deletes your home [id].

Note: The number of homes a player can have depends on rank as follows;

VIP:  10

Economy commands:

/bal or /money- check your balance.
/pay [player] [amount]- pays [player] the [amount] specified.

The following is available for players of Resident rank or above only:

/baltop- list the players with the top (highest) balances. 

Land protection commands:

The land protection system is extremely flexible but very easy to use, the following command will give you more information:

/ps help- get help using land protection commands.

The main commands are:

/ps setname [name]- set the name of the protected area you are in.
/ps allow [name]- allow [name] to break and place blocks in your area.
/ps allowall [name]- allow [name] to break and place blocks in all your areas.
/ps allow c:[tag]- allow the clan [tag] to break and place blocks in your area.
/ps remove [name]- remove [name] from your areas allowed list.
/ps remove c:[tag]- remove the clan [tag] from your areas allowed list.
/ps locations- list the locations of your protected areas.
/ps mark- marks the location of your PS stone with an obsidian pillar.
/ps visualize- marks the corners of your protected area with glowstone pillars.
/ps counts- list the number and types of protected areas you currently have.
/ps info- get information about the protected area you are in (lists flags*).
/ps toggle [flag]- toggle the [flag] on and off (only white flags can be toggled).
/ps snitch- shows the log for a Snitch Field (must be looking at PS).
/ps snitch clear- clears the log of your Snitch Field.

To transfer a protected area to another player without charge:

/ps changeowner [name]  - allows [name] to take ownership of the area.

Note: Ownership is only transferred once the other player accepts by right-clicking the stone with a wooden pickaxe, not available for use with Veteran World stones.

When renting one of your areas to another player:

/ps setlimit [time]    - lets you set the maximum rental time allowed.

*Some flags are only available on certain types of stone, for example you cannot prevent players entering City or Town areas, only Home areas. When you list your areas flags you will notice that some are white and some are blue, only flags shown in white can be toggled, flags that you have toggled off are shown in grey.

Note: Right-clicking with a wooden pickaxe checks the protection status of blocks and performs some PS actions without commands, for example right-clicking a Snitch Field will show its log.

Misc commands:

/mail read- read your offline messages.
/mail clear- clear your offline messages.
/whisper  [name] [message]- whisper to [name].
/msg or /m  [name] [message]- send a private message to [name].
/reply or /r- send a quick reply to a message.
/me [message]- emote a message.
/afk- toggles your AFK status (players frozen when AFK).
/suicide- kill yourself.
/einfo [page]- displays information about the server.
/rules [page] - display a list of server rules and other information.
/motd- display the 'Message Of The Day'.
/list- list all online players.
/stack- stacks all stackable items in your inventory.
/xp- displays information about your experience and level.
/itemdb- displays information about the item in your hand.
/realname [nickname]- displays the real player name of someone using a nickname.
/warnings [other]- displays a list of any warnings you have received, or that [name] has received.
/ontime [name]- view details about your play time totals, or someone else's (last login, total days played etc).
/ticket [message]- create a Moderator/Admin help request (ticket).
/tickets- list your open support tickets.
/checkticket [number]- checks the status of support ticket [number].
/closeticket [number]- close support ticket [number].
/replyticket [number]- add a reply or extra information to support ticket [number].

The following are available for players of Citizen rank or above only:

/mail send [name] [message]- send an offline message to [name].
/nick [nickname] / off- change or turn off your nickname ($400 per use*).

* /nick is free for VIP rank.

Buyable Commands (see Trade Station at Spawn):

/book- edit the contents and title of written books.
/skull [player]- change a player head to another player.
/fireball- shoot fireballs like a ghast.
/workbench- virtual crafting table.
/spawnmob [mob] [amount]- spawn 1-4 non-hostile mobs ($400 per use).
/spawner [mob]- change the type of the spawner that you are looking at or that is in your hand ($2000 per use*).

/firework [color/s] [fade] [shape] [effect]- edit fireworks**.

* /spawner is charged per use, therefore if you are holding stacked spawners you can change them all to the same type for the same cost as a single placed spawner! Spawners can only be changed to mineable types (see ranks page).

**Example -  /firework color:red,blue fade:yellow shape:star effect:trail
 Shape options - ball, star, large, creeper or burst. Effect options - trail or twinkle.