Donations are currently closed until further notice!

The DiggyVerse server has a lifetime donation base rank as well as a tip package and the possibility of having your own private world, full details are given below!

Please note: We do not profit at all from these donations, they are made direct to our hosting company via GroupPay and 100% goes to our hosting costs, which are almost £300 per year!

Tip Package - £3 minimum donation:
This package is not currently available.

This package includes:
  • A personal thank you message from DiggyWig.
  • Your name, with 'Tipper', on a sign at Spawn (on request).
  • 1 x Essence Stone.
  • 2 x Slender Pearl.
  • 1 x Flight Stone.
  • 4 x Infused Fight Essence.
  • 16 x Bronze Tokens.
  • 8 x Large Coin Stack ($2000).
Scroll down for details of how to donate for this package.

VIP Package [Lifetime] - £25 minimum donation:
This package is not currently available.

The VIP Package includes:
  • A personal thank you message from DiggyWig.
  • VIP rank  (promotion usually occurs within 12-24 hours of donating).
  • Access to all Veteran perks (see 'Ranks' page).
  • Your name, with 'VIP' on the 'Wall Of Thanks' at Spawn (on request).
  • 2 x Essence Stone.
  • 4 x Slender Pearl.
  • 2 x Flight Stone (always good to have a spare!).
  • 32 x Infused Fight Essence.
  • 16 x Gold Tokens.
  •  $15,000 in game currency.
  •  $10,000 economy overdraft (maximum negative balance).
  • VIP Home region in Veteran World (over 100% bigger than Veteran Home).
  • Access to the weekly VIP Kit at spawn.
  • Place a second Atlantis Field.
  • Place a second Snitch Field.
  • Set 2 more homes than Veteran rank.
  • VIP God Field, heals, neutralizes nasty potion effects and repairs vanilla tools/armor*.
  • Full set of Diggyolite Armor & Tools, can also be repaired by the VIP God Field.
  • 25% discount on commands available from the Trade Station.
  • Free unlimited use of the /nick command.
  • Permanent Vault in VaultWorld (never removed due to inactivity).
*The VIP God Field can also repair: Diggyolite Armor (DiggysStuff), Spectral Armor (DiggysMobs, Chisel (Chisel Mod), Chisel & Hammer (Carpenters Blocks), Fishing Rods (Aquaculture) & Bows (Natura).

In addition to the perks above VIPs also have the opportunity to design a custom basic block and have it added into the pack as part of the next update, or if you would prefer you can have DiggyWig design something for you! The design must meet DiggyWigs standards and fit in with the modpack but reasonable requests will always be considered, the most popular choice is a block bearing a personal or clan emblem! Custom blocks may be of any of the following base types: wood, stone or glass.

Scroll down for details of how to donate for this package.

To donate just follow these two simple steps:
Donations are currently closed, see top of page!
  1. Decide which of the above packages you want and make the required donation via this link:
  2. Send an email to the following address to confirm the donation and your in game name:
Please note that payments are made direct to our hosting company via PayPal and that step two above is essential so that we know who to give the rank/items to!

Although in most cases you will receive your rank and items in well under 12 hours, please allow 24-48 hours as some payments can take longer to show on the account or there may be other circumstances delaying verification. 

Basic terms and conditions (just to be clear):
  1. VIP benefits may change over time, mostly for the better, but sometimes we may have to withdraw features due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  2. Although a last resort VIP status may have to be revoked if, for example, the account is used for griefing other players or the world itself. If this happens you will be demoted back to a standard rank or in extreme cases banned from the server altogether, this will be at the owners sole discretion.
  3. VIP players are not exempt from the rules and can still receive warnings, be jailed and in extreme circumstances banned like any other player.
  4. Whilst highly appreciated your donation is just that, a donation, no contract is implied in any way and refunds cannot be made by us as payments go direct to our hosting company. Donations are not in any way a guarantee of continued availability of the server and/or any other services. 
  5. The term 'lifetime', as used on this site in reference to donations, refers to the lifetime of the current DiggyVerse modpack server, not the lifetime of the Minecraft account or person donating. 
  6. When a renewal is due for a custom world the donation must be made within 7 days of it's due date to enable continuous availability. A backup of the world will only be retained, and made available, for 14 days after this date if a renewal donation is not made. 
  7. By donating you accept the terms and conditions on this page with the understanding that they are subject to change at any time.
Terms and conditions last updated April 2016.