DiggyVerse Server Rules

The server rules can be viewed in game using: /rules

  • No stealing, raiding or griefing (including world griefing).
  • No teleport or chat spamming (including advertising).
  • Play fair, no client modifications aimed at cheating.
  • Be considerate, avoid lag inducing set-ups.
  • No taking advantage of glitches / bugs.
  • Keep chat family friendly and respect others.
  • No impersonating staff.
  • Have fun!

Warning System & Bans

The basic warning system works as follows:

Warning 1 - Warning logged for 30 days + $250 fine.
Warning 2 - Warning logged for 30 days + $750 fine.
Warning 3 - Warning logged for 30 days + 15 Minutes in jail.
Warning 4 - Warning logged for 30 days + 30 Minutes in jail.
Warning 5 - Warning logged for 30 days + Jailed Indefinitely.

The fines and jail times above are automatic, in addition players may be muted.

The player is also struck by lightning when a warning is issued.

For more serious incidents players may receive multiple warnings at the same time, or in extreme cases an instant and permanent ban.

Only the owner can release a player from indefinite jail or pardon a banned player. 

If you feel you wrongly received a warning or ban, for example due to a misunderstanding, then you can appeal by email:

Banned Items

We try and keep banned items to a minimum, unfortunately though it is sometimes necessary due to bugs or to prevent griefing. The following is a list of items which are currently banned: 

Backpacks: Quantum Backpack/Chest - Can cause serious glitches / crashes.
Chisel: Cloud In A Bottle / Smashing Rock - Bypasses block protection.
Chococraft: Chocobo Whistle - Non-functional, banned to save players wasting materials.
Iron Chests: Crystal Chest - Can cause immense lag when lots placed.
Tinkers Construct: Knapsack & Traveller's Belt - Allows cheating in minigames.
Tinkers Construct: & Metallurgy Explosives - Bypasses block protection.
Thaumcraft: Arcane Bore - Bypasses block protection.
Thaumcraft: Foci - Equal Trade / Primal / Warding -  Bypasses block protection.
Thaumcraft: Shovel of the Earthmover & Bottled Taint - Bypasses block protection.
Thaumcraft: Thaumostatic Girdle/Harness - Glitches badly in non vanilla dimensions.
Thaumic Tinkerer: Bedrock Portal - Causes Immense Lag.
Thaumic Tinkerer: Foci - Dislocation / Efreet's Flame - Bypasses block protection.
Thaumic Tinkerer: Potion Of Aer/Aqua/Ignis/Terra - Causes glitches / crashes.
Thaumic Tinkerer: Tome Of Knowledge Sharing - Makes Thaumcraft Too Easy.

Banned items are not shown in NEI (Not Enough Items) and have their recipes disabled where possible, they will also be automatically confiscated if detected in a players inventory. Staff are notified of all confiscations and they are also logged.

In addition to having their recipes removed banned Thaumcraft items are also removed from the Thaumonomicon, alternative research paths are used to make sure all other research is still possible.