Saturday 27 June 2015

I'm Still Here!

Apologies for the lack of posts over recent weeks! As many of you know I am currently bogged down working on the final module of my degree, a massive project which has taken up far more time than I thought it would. 

With help from Tatankore I'm slowly working through a huge backlog of emails, we're pretty sure we've replied to all the urgent ones as they've come in but if missed any then feel free to let us know. 

Please do not send me in game /mail messages for now though as I'm at my maximum and so new messages are not being saved!

We will reply to non-urgent messages including feature suggestions etc as soon as we can, please don't think you're being ignored. 

What with all the emails from the BDCraft community, fellow modders, my other websites, members of my Eve corporation etc etc as well as ones relating to the DiggyVerse server I'm sure you can appreciate that it's a lot to catch up with. In fact it's something like 2000+ emails and 600+ in game Eve messages that I still need to reply to over the coming weeks!

Hopefully I'll get the chance to catch up with everyone in game very soon!