Thursday 17 September 2015

Version 1.3.5b released!

Main changes in this version:
  • Updated DiggysStuff to 1.6.0a (was 1.6.0); 
    • Flight Stone & Flight Cube tweaks (including bug fix).
    • "Flight (Stone)" potion effect has been renamed to "Flight (Essence)".
As always you can find full details in the Changelog on Technic Platform.

What you need to know:
  • Flight Cube now requires you to have a Flight Stone on your hotbar, just like when using Flight Essence.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting whilst either Flight potion effect is active no longer leaves you unable to fly until either the timer resets or you change worlds (bug removed from Bugs page!).

This is a mandatory update and is required to join the server!

Note: A small issue was found with 1.3.5b, so 1.3.5c was released as a quick fix.