Friday 18 December 2015

Questionnaire Results

We had some great feedback via the latest questionnaire, so thanks again to everyone who completed it!

Here's a summary of what you guys had to say and how it's influencing development of DiggyVerse 2.0...

How old are you?

As always we had quite a spread of ages, with around 60% of our players being under 17 and the rest being fairly evenly split between the other age groups. No real change here!

What types of Minecraft servers do you regularly play on?

More than 80% of you said you play on PvE / Explore and build servers like ours, around 60% play on Minigame based servers, 40% on Creative / Build servers, 20% on Adventure servers and not a single player on PvP / Fractions servers.

What types of Minecraft servers do you play on the most?

More than 70% of you said you spend most of your time on  PvE / Explore and build servers, 20% on Adventure servers and 10% on Creative / Build servers. As you'd expect no-one said PvP / Fractions servers and only a single player said Minigames servers.

Based on the last couple of questions and other comments we won't really be making any major changes to the way we do things, the server will continue to be build / explore focused with a separate minigame world etc.

Roughly how long have you played on DiggyMinecraft / DiggyVerse servers?

Just over 40% of you have been part of our community for more than 4 years, 20% for 3 to 4 years, 20% for 2 to 3 years and 15% for 1 to 2 years. Just 5% of you are new players that have joined us within the last year. 

I wasn't really surprised by this, with me being so busy over the past year or so we never really did much advertising to attract new players, it's good to see so many long term players completed the questionnaire though, hopefully I can catch up with the rest of you all very soon!

Do you use the official 64x texture pack (based on BDcraft/Sphax)?

80% of you said that you use the 64x texture pack, maintaining this will continue to be a priority for DiggyVerse 2.0, in fact I've been busy working on this over the last week and have already made over 400 new textures myself as well as adding thousands of others made by other members of the BDCraft community. The pack will be slightly larger than the current one (probably around 15-20%) but it shouldn't be a problem for most players.

Do you use the OptiFine mod when playing DiggyVerse?

The number of players using OptiFine has dropped to around 40%. The author still does not want it being included in modpacks but we will provide a link to a DiggyVerse 2.x compatible version as we do now for DiggyVerse1.x.

How likely are you to donate to the server in 2015/2016?

40% of you said you will definitely donate, with the rest being undecided, no-one said they would definitely not donate.

Have you ever donated to any of our servers in the past?

35% of you said you donated in the past.

Do you regularly play on the DiggyVerse 1.x server?

60% of you said you play for more than 10 hours a week, 40% for less than 10 hours a week. No-one said they no longer play on the server regularly.

What is your favourite DiggyVerse 1.x feature?

The most mentioned features were the elevator blocks, parachutes and flight stone. Although, the majority just said something like "everything" so it looks like we're on the right track!

What is your least favourite DiggyVerse 1.x feature?

The most mentioned feature was actually Tinkers Construct, which is interesting as it was also the most requested feature when we started putting the modpack together! It seems Tinkers is the marmite of mods, you either love it or hate it! The vast majority of people just said "nothing" or something similar. A couple of people mentioned the need for more mobs, which is something I'm working on already!

Do you make use of our minigame world?

60% of you said you use it regularly, 20% occasionally and 20% never. 

Obviously the minigame world will continue to be a major feature of the server!

Do you make use of the features available in the Diggybrines Realm adventure world (free portals, regenerating mines etc)?

30% said regularly, 30% said occasionally, 25% said no but they might in the future and just 15% said no.

This feature will be changing a lot when we update to 1.7.10 and is going to be rebuilt from scratch. It was something new that we wanted to try and while some features worked well others weren't so popular, we've learned from it and hopefully the revamp will appeal to more players! Based on feedback regarding PvP this will not feature as it does now.

Do you have a vault in VaultWorld?

Only 10% of players said yes. We'll be encouraging people to get a vault over the coming weeks as it will be the only way to transfer items over from DiggyVerse 1.x to 2.x, keep an eye on the site as we'll be posting a list of what you can transfer in the new year. If you don't already have one I'd suggest getting one sooner rather than later so you can start thinking about how much stuff you'll be able to transfer.

What is your favourite mob added by DiggysMobs?

More than 50% of you said Mushlings, 20% said Cactlings, 20% said Damned Warrior and 10% said Reaper. The mobs I made using custom models are definitely the most popular and you'll be pleased to know more are coming in DiggyVerse 2.0!

DiggyVerse 2.0 will be a major update based on Minecraft 1.7.10 and with a more magical theme (including Thaumcraft), do you think this will make you want to play more?

More than 80% of you said that you think the update to 1.7.10 will make you want to play more, which is great!

Is their anything you would specifically like to see added to the modpack in version 2.0? 

Quite  a lot of different mods and features got suggested here, too many to list them all! 

A few people mentioned Mo Creatures as some unofficial (and very dodgy) sites are claiming the author now allows it to be use in modpacks, I can confirm that this is definitely not the case and so we cannot include it.

I don't want to give too many spoilers at this point but so far at least 3 suggested mods (which we hadn't already planned to include) are definitely being added. Several feature requests are also being added to my own mods, including more advanced elevators and more passive mobs, which several people requested.

Is their anything you would specifically like to see added to the DiggysStuff or DiggysMobs mods?

The most requested thing by far was more mobs, mostly passive but a surprising number of people also requested more hostile mobs and even a custom boss. I must admit I quite like the idea of adding a custom boss and I'll be giving it a lot of thought!

A couple of players also suggested a custom enchantment, with one request being very specific. It's something I've not seen done in any other mod and I do like the idea so I'm looking into whether it will be possible for me to do!

Custom biomes were also a popular request, especially fairly flat biomes as they are great for large builds etc. I can confirm that I've already added two new biomes, both of which are very flat and I'm working on ideas for one or two more. Obviously this is something I need to get done before the update launches as I can't add new biomes after the worlds have been generated, so this is a top priority at the moment!

Other feedback...

Thanks for all the comments here it was great to see so many positive comments!

Thanks once more to everyone who completed the questionnaire, your feedback is greatly appreciated!