Wednesday 1 June 2016

Update: 2.0.5 Released!

This is a fairly big update with 4 mods updated and notable changes as follows:
  • Carpenters Blocks updated to 3.3.8 (was 3.3.8-DEVR9):
    • This is the final 3.3.8 release.
    • Rotation support added to various block types.
    • Ladders can now be placed free-standing (see image below).
  • Pet Bat updated to 1.3.8 (was 1.3.7):
    • Bat now drops as item where it died if player is dead.
  • Backpacks updated to 3.0.11 (was 3.0.8):
    • New "Collect" mode, automatically collects items already in backpack.
    • Backpacks now render on back if in inventory top row, not just hotbar.
  • Dynamic Sword Skills updated to 1.7.0 (was 1.6.5):
    • Improved support for non-vanilla swords.
    • Improved "Dash" skill (more effective at short distances).

As always for full details you can check the Changelog on the Technic Platform.