Sunday 2 October 2016

Server Down - Update

I was hoping to post some good news this morning, but unfortunately it's the opposite. Some of the issues are still present even after fixing various lost settings and performing rollbacks.

My only option now is to reinstall the server and piece it back to together using fresh copies of various files etc. That's going to take some time, in fact I doubt I'll get it all done in a day. So... unfortunately it looks like the server will be down for at least another day, maybe even two. 

I'll update here as soon as I have some more news.

Update - 4th Oct:

I'm still working on getting things stable again. I won't give an ETA for now though as I'm dealing with a couple of complicated issues.

If you see the server up then you can try to connect, it may or may not be whitelisted depending on what I'm doing, please bear in mind though that the world might be rolled back when I'm done so changes you make could be lost.

Update - 12th Oct:

Apologies for the delay in posting an update, as you've probably guessed things haven't gone as well as I'd hoped. I'll post a more detailed update soon but for now I'll just say that, sadly, the server won't be coming back up in it's previous form. I'm weighing up some options though so watch this space.