Monday 14 November 2016

Update: 2.0.8 Released! (now 2.0.8b)

This update converts the modpack from being multiplayer focused to be single player focused.

This version includes 1 mod update and many changes as follows:
  • Carpenters Blocks updated to (was 3.3.8):
    • Multiple minor code improvements and bug fixes.
  • Singleplayer & Multiplayer options switched in menu, plus other small menu tweaks.
  • Removed DV2ServerStuff & Vending mods, no longer needed.
  • Various tweaks to Thaumcraft aspects etc.
  • Iron Chests Mod:
    • Re-enabled crafting recipes for Crystal Chest and upgrade.
  • Tinkers Construct:
    • Re-enabled Travelers Belt, Knapsack & SDX Explosives.
  • Chisel:
    • Re-enabled Cloud In A Bottle, Smashing Rock & Diamond Chisel.
  • Thaumcraft:
    • Re-enabled Bottled Taint, Shovel Of The Earth Mover, and previously disabled wand foci.
  • Thaumic Tinkerer:
    • Re-enabled all previously disabled wand foci & potions.
As always for full details you can check the Changelog on the Technic Platform. 

This is expected to be the final significant update for for DiggyVerse modpack, but I will still fix bugs if found or reported!

it's been a fun couple of years working on the the modpack and developing the custom mods I made for it. I've gained a ton of Java experience and had a lot of awesome times playing it with you guys! 

From all of us that worked on it I'd like to say a big thank you for being a part of DiggyVerse. 

A special thanks goes out to those who donated towards running costs, your generous donations have totalled almost £1000 to date and covered virtually all of our running costs since the days of Tekkit Classic.

Watch out for updates regarding the future of DiggyVerse/DiggyMinecraft, big changes will be made to the website over the coming days & weeks!


Note: 2.0.8a was released shortly after to fix a spelling mistake, oops! 2.0.8b was released the next day to remove some unneeded code.