Friday 27 November 2015

1.7.10 Update - Your Questions Answered

As promised here are some answers to questions asked via the feedback form, along with some extra information...
  • Will player name changes be supported in DiggyVerse 2.0?
    • Yes! Being based on 1.7.10 name changes will be fully supported.
  • Will player ranks be changing?
    • No, we have no plans to change ranks. Players will also keep their current ranks 
  • Will all the worlds on the server need to be reset?
    • When I built Game World, Vault World etc I deliberately only used blocks from either my own mods or Vanilla Minecraft, so these worlds will not need to be reset. That said I have started work on a new, and much improved, Spawn World. 

      However, due to changes in mods and additional world generation both player worlds (the main world and Veteran World) will have to be reset. You won't loose everything though, nearer the time I will post details of what blocks/items can be kept if stored in Vault world!
  • Will player data be reset?
    • The way player data is stored changed a lot in Minecraft 1.7 and so will be reset. However, in game money balances will be transferred and all players will get a free nickname change as well as keeping any additional commands bought through the Upgrade Store at spawn. We're also working on a way of compensating players based on time and effort put into existing builds (free materials etc).
  • Will any advertising be done before the upgrade?
    • After talking to a few players about this I've decided to hold off on advertising until the upgrade is completed, mainly as the player worlds will be resetting. I have noticed quite a few new players joining over the last couple of weeks though and obviously players still have plenty of time to explore the modpack, build up money, progress through the ranks, etc, before the upgrade.
  • When will live testing start and can players help?
    • As with DiggyVerse 1.0 all testing during the alpha stage will be done by myself, DigginChickin, DiggityDuck & Diggybrine. Tatankore will once again be assisting in texture design and mod feature testing. Beta testing (expected to start in the new year) will initially only be open to staff, with a small number of selected players being invited to help once we believe that most bugs are ironed out and further world resets will be unnecessary.
  • Will there be a long downtime (days/weeks) for the switch?
    • This is a tricky one to answer at the moment, it really depends on how much work is involved and how smoothly things go, it's unlikely that the server would be down for more than 48 hours, and it could take as little as 2 hours. Changes to the network configuration will mean that players outside the UK/EU are likely experience a slightly longer downtime though.
  • Will player referral bonuses be returning?
    • As some people will remember this was very buggy for 1.6.4, I will definitely be trying this again with 1.7.10 and hopefully the bugs will have been fixed. Basically, I can't promise it will return but I'll definitely try and get it working!
Well that covers everything I've been asked so far, if you have any more questions though please do include them on the feedback form or drop me an email!