Sunday 1 November 2015

Player Feedback

I've closed the current DiggyVerse Player FeedBack form, many thanks to all those who responded over the last year as the modpack developed!

I'll be opening a new feedback form soon to collect your feedback on the upcoming 1.7.10 update, but first I want to go over what I've already collected as most of the feedback will still be relevant.

Ideas from the feedback that I'm already working on include:
  • More custom mobs, especially passive ones.
  • A simple way to trap and transport animals.
  • More custom features for The End.
  • An alternative way of obtaining wither skulls.
I'm also working on a few ideas of my own and, of course, trying out different combinations of Magic related mods.

As well as the new feedback form, which should appear in a few days, I will also be posting polls to let you all have a say in the direction of DiggyVerse 2.0 so remember to keep checking back if you'd like to have your say!