Monday 8 February 2016

1.7.10 Vault List & Info!

As promised here is the list of what can transferred via the Vault when the server moves to DiggyVerse 2.0 (MC 1.7.10). 

Remember, only stuff stored in a Vault will move over, backpack and inventory contents will not!

So here's what you can safely store in the vault...

Anything from Vanilla Minecraft.

DiggysAlphabet, DiggysStuff & DiggysMobs: everything except coal infused stone & rail related blocks.

Anything from the following list of mods (in rough NEI order):

Growthcraft, Redstone Paste, Vending Blocks, Obsidian Boats, SecretRoomsMod, Enchanting Plus, Natura, Carpenters Blocks, Doggy Talents, The Spice Of Life, Backpacks (item only, NO contents etc), Balkons Weapon Mod, ChocoCraft,  Hamster Mod, Parachute Mod, & Dynamic Sword Skills.

Anything from BiblioCraft & BiblioWoods Natura Edition, but nothing from Bibliowoods Biomes O Plenty Edition.

Metallurgy: blocks, ingots,  & armour/tools/weapons only (NOT machines, chests, orbs etc).

Aquaculture: Fishing rods, Neptunium armour & tools, and loot boxes (22266:15 - 22266:18).

Tinkers Construct: Hearts/heart cannisters, Jewelled Apple,  Slime Island related blocks, Stone Torches & some blocks (Ids: 1468, 1471 to 1474, 1477, 1478, 1485, 3186 to 3188 & 3233 only, including sub items, NOT Tools or Weapons).

Extra things you need to know:

If a mod is not mentioned above then unfortunately this means that either the mod is being removed from the modpack or that it's code has changed so much that item/block transfer is not possible.

Unfortunately due to major changes enchantments will not carry over.

Got a trained DoggyTalents dog and/or bred Chocobos? Open a ticket and we'll give you doggy treats  so you can retrain a dog easily after the switch and Chocobo spawn eggs to store in your Vault!

Got an epic build in either the main world or Veteran World? Send us some screenshots by email (remembering to include your player name) and not only will we add some to the gallery (earning you in game money too!) but we'll get in touch about adding extra building blocks to your inventory after the switch! Can't send screenshots? That's ok, just open a ticket and we'll take a look ourselves and screenshot it for you!

For a limited time the Bank at spawn will be providing a Coin to Bullion trade, more on this in a few days!

Hopefully that covers it but you do have any other questions then please do drop me an email!