Monday 15 February 2016

Spawn Changes Coming Soon!

In preparation for the 1.7.10 update some changes will soon be made at spawn, this will include;
  1. The ability to buy Bullion at spawn for easy money storage in Vault World.
  2. A new store which allows you to sell various items that you would otherwise loose, and which contains the basic information about what can be stored
I'll post details here when the changes are ready, which will most likely be in around a week. 

So, how's the Alpha testing going....

At the moment we are making great headway on getting the server ready for full Alpha/Beta testing, a test version of the server has been up for a while now with all the mods and plugins loaded although obviously testing each plugin and setting up the permissions etc is going to take some time! 

We've hit a few bumps, especially with the custom Forge-Bukkit build we are using (necessary to make sure we have compatibility with the latest Forge versions and updates) but things are definitely coming together and with some help from other mod developers we're getting closer to a final build everyday.

More news coming soon!