Monday 9 February 2015

Name Changes - Urgent

As you are probably aware players can now change their Minecraft name, please note that this is not fully supported below Minecraft 1.8.x and not supported at all below Minecraft 1.7.10.

Changing your name will result in you loosing access to your protected areas, vending blocks, locked chests, inventory, rank, homes, money etc.

We will be willing to help you change name as long as you do the following:
  1. Open a ticket before the name change to let us know (so we can ensure it's genuine).
  2. Remove all your Lockette signs and vending blocks before changing name.
  3. Open another ticket after the name change confirming your new name.
What we will then do:
  1. Rename your old data files to restore your inventory, homes, balance etc.
  2. Arrange to remove your PS stones whilst you are online so that you can re-place them.
We will try and deal with name changes as soon as possible if the above steps are followed however it does require us to be online at the same time so could take a couple of days or so in some cases. If the above steps are not followed we will still try and help but it may take much longer to sort out.

Think carefully before changing your name, even more up to date versions of Minecraft are having mod and plugin compatibility issues, some server owners may not be able or willing to help you get your stuff back.