Monday 2 February 2015

Version 1.1.8 Released!

Main changes in this version:

  • Treecapitator - Now works properly with Hellwood Tree.
  • SpiceOfLife - Saturation now shown as yellow outline on hunger bar.
    Diminishing returns disabled based on feedback regarding patchy food compatibility.
  • Chococraft - Upgraded to version 3.0.6b: Added additional information regarding Purple Chocobo breeding to Chocopedia.
  • DiggyVerse Guide - Upgraded to version 1.0.1.
  • DiggysStuff - Upgraded to version 1.5.0: Added Flight Stone, PS blocks now emit light.
  • DiggysMobs - Upgraded to version 1.2.6: Added 4 new mobs.
  • New mod added - Redstone Paste (advanced redstone items).
This is only a brief summary, for full details see the changelog on the Technic Platform page.

This is a mandatory update and is required to join the server!

Meet the new mobs...

The Friesian cow: larger than a standard cow and drops on average 50% more beef and leather!

The Reaper: a deadly addition to The Nether they can also spawn very rarely in the normal world, another source of ectoplasm, they also drop skulls more often than skeletons!

Cactlings: these cute little guys make the desert feel less empty, they mean you no harm... unless you hit them... they really don't like it if you hit them!

Sandman: another desert based mob, but this one only spawns at night, he's quite a bit smaller than your average two legged mob, but don't let that fool you, get close and he'll blind you by throwing sand in your eyes! They have a roughly 20% chance of dropping an emerald!