Thursday 26 February 2015

Version 1.2.4 Released!

Changes in this version:
  • Secret Rooms Mod updated to custom version 4.6.3DV (was 4.6.2).
  • DiggyVerse official server now pre-added to Multiplayer list.
This update fixes an issue pinned down by Cedarpoint2, related to interactions between Carpenters Blocks and Secret Rooms.

As per the mods license I am required to point out that this is a modified version of the mod and as such is not released or supported by the original author, this has also been noted in the modpack README file and the mod info file which now states "Modified for DiggyVerse by DiggyWig". 

This update is mandatory and is required to join the server!

Note: Version 1.2.5 will follow very shortly (possibly even today), however the discovered bug had the potential to cause players serious issues and so I decided to patch it asap rather than waiting for other changes to be ready.