Sunday 29 March 2015

Scheduled Maintenance

The server will be down for maintenance tomorrow as follows:
  1. Full backup/clone.
  2. Upgrade to DiggyVerse 1.3.0.
  3. Test 1.3.0 changes.
  4. Make server config changes.
  5. Test server config changes.
  6. Clean out old logs and data.
Please note: The 1.3.0 update involves a large number of changes, with tweaks to DiggysMobs & DiggysStuff, a custom patch for Tinkers Construct, config tweaks for 3 mods and 3 new mods being added (all based on player feedback / requests), testing will therefore take longer than usual, I will update here if we encounter any issues that mean I need to extend the maintenance time and will release the texture pack and client updates asap (hopefully before the server is actually back up).

Scheduled Downtime:
Date: 30/03/15
Est Start:  09:00 am (UK)
Est Finish:  11:00 am (UK)