Friday 6 March 2015

Veteran World Is Open!

Veteran World is now open!

Spawn is near the top of a giant redwood giving you a choice of ways to get down, you can parachute off using the free daily Hop And Pop parachute, jump and aim for the water surrounding it or go down the very long (70+ block) ladder!

Unlike the main world Veteran World doesn't have Biomes 'O Plenty, this means that biomes like the GrowthCraft Bamboo Forest and world generation such as Chococraft Gysahl Greens and Natura trees are abundant and much easy to find!

The world is much smaller than the main world and as the name suggests it's restricted to Veteran rank players and above only, meaning it's much less likely to need resetting in the future.

Veteran World also has its own set of PS blocks:

"Veteran Home" - 81x81
"Donator Home" - 101x101
"VIP Home" - 121x121

These stones have all the same flags available as Small & Large Homes in the normal world.

The stones are available along with more information and FREE kits at the world spawn.