Monday 30 March 2015

Version 1.3.0 Released!

Main changes in this version:
  • Flight stone overhaul.
  • 3 New VIP Blocks added.
  • New texture for mystery blocks (similar to before, but orange rather than purple).
  • Reaper tweaks; slight speed & damage reduction, spawn chance reduced by 10%.
  • Damned Warriors no longer spawn in deserts.
  • Brown Mushlings now spawn 10% more often in swamps.
  • Damage Indicators alerts tweaked based on player feedback.
  • REI's minimap large map toggle changed from X to V to accommodate new mod. 
  • Tinkers Construct Hammers/Excavators  no longer break multiple blocks, instead they break blocks at 150% the speed of an equivalent pickaxe/shovel* (fix for logging etc).
  • New mods added Toggler, Dynamic Sword Skills & Backpacks.
*This is actually an even bigger increase than it sounds as the standard multi-block function of Hammers and Excavators slowed the block breaking speed to 40% of an equivalent pickaxe/shovel. I still have some testing to do but I am planning to increase this a little more in the next update.

For full details see the Technic Platform changelog.

This update is mandatory and is required to join the server!

Here's some details of the Flight Stone update...

Basically I've rewritten the Flight Stone code to use a potion effect, that way you get a timer showing how much flight time you have remaining and should fall to your death less often!

Things you'll want to know:
  • Normal Flight Essence will apply the effect for 1 minute and Infused Flight Essence for 10 minutes, the same lengths they gave before. 
  • As long as you have fuel in your inventory a new one will be used up 0.5 seconds before the last one runs out so that you continue to fly uninterrupted!
  • When the Flight Stone is on your hotbar the timer will remain showing and will stay on 0:00 if you don't have the potion effect activated, you can get rid of the timer by moving the Flight Stone into your main inventory when not using it.
  • Your Flight Stone must still be on your hotbar at all times when flying or the potion effect will not work!
  • If you teleport to a world where flight is not allowed the potion effect will be removed.
  • It uses a beacon style potion effect so the particles are barely visible, to prevent them getting annoying!

New Mod; Backpacks!

This mod adds secure backpacks, here's the main things you'll want to know;
  • They can be recoloured by placing a vanilla  dye item into them and right-clicking it.
  • They can be upgraded, a total of 3 times each (maximum storage is 4x9 slots), by crafting a Backpack Pouch, putting it inside the backpack and right-clicking it.
  • They can be renamed by placing a sign into them and right-clicking it.
  • They can be nested inside each other and opened from within each other.
  • They can be cloned by right-clicking them with an Eye Of Ender, cloned bags share a name and contents.
  • Bags of the same colour do not share inventory, you can have two bags the same colour with different contents.
  • They can be placed by shift-clicking and used just like chests (hopper compatible).
  • They have a built in load/unload system (open the backpack and press the 'Apostrophe' key) and can be set to automatically replace items on your hotbar when they run out and/or only accept certain items from hoppers etc.
  • They have a built in permission system (open the backpack and press the 'P' key) so you can make them private, limit them to just your friends, and even make it so other players can view but not change the contents!
  • If you loose a backpack you can craft a 'Backpack Restorer', right-clicking this will allow you to turn it into any of your previously owned backpacks (contents can be previewed).
Thanks to Tatankore for the suggestion!

New Mod; Toggler!

This little mod allows you to easily toggle Sneak, Run, Sprint & Jump, simple!

Thanks to CedarPoint2 for the suggestion of adding sprint toggle!

New Mod; Dynamic Sword Skills!

This mod adds trainable sword skills that can be used in PvP as well as against mobs;
  • Skill orbs drop randomly from mobs and you get a free 'Skill Orb Of Basic Technique' when you first join, just right-click to use the orb.
  • Press 'P' to see what skills you have and learn how to use them.
  • Compatible with all standard swords, including those from mods (Metallurgy etc), however Tinkers Construct swords are not coded in the normal way and so are not compatible.
  • Allows you to be the ninja you always wanted to be!
This was requested by several players so thanks to all of you!