Tuesday 5 May 2015

Advertising - Videos & Images!

With my final university exam in just 4 weeks I'm slowly starting to put together a plan for when we start advertising the server, a few people have asked how they can help so I thought I'd throw some ideas out there so that anyone interested can help out!

  • As some of you have seen xPhantomY2Kx already made a trailer back in October, the modpack and server have come a long way since then (for example it now includes 20+ additional mods) so if anyone would like to make another trailer or even some 'Lets play' type videos please do!

  • Images - screenshots, banners, collage type images showing features of the server and/or modpack etc are always welcome, for use on this website as well as forum posts etc.

  • Advertising suggestions - feel free to make suggestions for sites you think we should advertise on etc.

Not only will contributing help with advertising and increasing player numbers but you'll be rewarded with in game money as usual, $250 for screenshots, $2500 for videos and bonuses for other contributions.

To get in touch, send images, links etc, just drop me an email at the usual address.