Wednesday 13 May 2015

Version 1.3.3a - Fix For Mac OS Users

Version 1.3.3a has been released, this version replaces More Enchants with a custom zip version to fix an issue affecting a few Mac OS users. 

It appears that some Mac OS users have been unable to use the More Enchants mod or connect to the server for a few weeks now, unfortunately though as the problem was not reported to me until yesterday I have only just been able to fix it. 

For those interested in what was causing the issue it appears that certain version of Mac OS could not properly access the contents of the mods .jar file, I have now repackaged it as a basic .zip file which has fixed the issue.

I hope this didn't affect too many people, please remember though that you can always drop me an email about any issue you are experiencing, if I don't know about it then I can't fix it!

Many thanks to ShrunkenMoth for bringing this issue to my attention, helping to diagnose it and testing the fix for me!