Saturday 9 May 2015

VeteranWorld Kits

The Free Bonus Kits in VeteranWorld now give double the number of Mystery Blocks, so that's 2 x Mystery Block for Veteran and Donator rank players and 2 x Mystery Block Plus for VIP rank players!

Due to an issue with staff who are also Donator/VIP rank I have also added a new kit for staff, the Staff Extras Kit, which can be claimed by all staff members along with the Veteran Kit, so all staff now get the same value in coins as VIP players, two of each type of mystery block (Veteran + VIP combined!) and a total of three Infused Flight Essence (two more than Veteran players and one more than VIP players!).

The reason that I decided staff players should get a little more than VIP players is firstly to help balance out the time the flight essence they end up using to help other players and secondly as a little thanks for giving their time to help with the server etc.