Thursday 16 April 2015

Player Feedback - Passive Mobs & Advertising

I've received a lot of feedback asking for more passive mobs to be added  to my DiggysMobs mod so I just wanted to let everyone know that the next version (which I've been working on for a while already) will be mainly adding passive mobs, in fact I only have plans to add two more aggressive mobs in total before focussing entirely on passive ones.

Mobs with custom models and animations take a lot of work and so progress is slow, I'm also revising for my final university exam and working on a massive project for my final paper which means that I won't have a lot of time to spend on things from now until mid-June, I hope to get at least a couple of the new mobs in the game before then though!

A few players have asked when I intend to start properly advertising the server so that player numbers increase. I know it's frustrating that we only have a small number of players at the moment which makes trade etc very limited but we think it's best that we only start advertising once I can put more time into being active on the server and helping new players that join. As soon as my exam is behind me I promise I will start advertising and do everything I can to increase player numbers, in the mean time please do encourage any friends you have that also play Minecraft to give the server a go and help out any new players you see online, thanks!