Saturday 11 April 2015

Players In Vanish

I've had messages from a couple of people regarding vanish, specifically to let me know that other players are assuming it is me online when they see that a player is online but vanished.

As many of you already know several other people have vanish, not just myself, this includes Moderators (currently just freaksdesign), Admins (Tatankore & DigginChickin) and a couple of fellow developers that prefer to play vanished so they can go unnoticed (these players are also not tracked by Ontime etc). 

Myself and Tatankore also carry out some maintenance which spams chat so even if we are one of the vanished players online we may not be able to see questions etc in chat.

I just wanted to clear this up as from what I've seen in the logs a couple of players have got quite frustrated thinking I'm just not answering them when in fact it's not me online! 

If you need help etc and a vanished player is online then just open a support ticket as usual, if the vanished person can deal with it then they will as soon as possible.