Wednesday 1 April 2015

Version 1.3.1 Released!

Main changes in this version:
  • As promised the block break speed of Tinkers Construct Hammers/Excavators has been increased and has gone up from 150% to 200% the speed of an equivalent pickaxe/shovel (see information on version 1.3.0 for more information).
  • New mod added MoreEnchants.
MoreEnchants adds 22 new enchantments to the game, which are fully compatible with enchantment tables and tools from other mods.

The enchantments are aimed at enhancing vanilla Minecraft and so fit very well with the pack;
  • Poison (I): (Bows) Arrows cause a short but powerful poison effect on the target.
  • Frost (I): (Bows) Arrows cause a slowness effect on the target.
  • Explosive (I): (Bows) Arrows cause explosions when hitting the target or ground.
  • Venom (I-II): (Swords) Melee attacks cause the victim to be poisoned, with level II being much more toxic.
  • Ice Aspect (I-II): (Swords) Melee attacks cause the victim to be slowed and cause Mining Fatigue.
  • Defusing (I-V): (Swords) Increases damage dealt to Creepers.
  • Disjunction (I-V): (Swords) Increases damage dealt to Endermen.
  • Dowsing (I-V): (Swords) Increases damage dealt to Blazes and Magma Cubes.
  • Mending (I-II): (Swords & Bows) Attacks cause healing to the struck target, rather than dealing damage. Combined with Poison I on a Bow, Mending also yields a beneficial regenation effect.
  • Cleave (I-III): (Axes) Attacks deal damage in an arc in front of the wielder, to friend and foe alike.
  • Leech (I): (Swords) Attacks return 10% of the damage dealt to the wielder.
  • Execution (I): (Swords) Increases damage dealt by the percentage of the victim's missing health.
  • Vorpal (I): (Swords) Increases chances for slain enemies to drop heads. Additionally, occasionally deals triple damage.
  • Poison Protection (I-IV): (Armor) Reduces damage taken from poison effects.
  • Knowledge (I): (Helmet) Increases experience gained when picking up XP Orbs.
  • Berserking (I): (Chest Plate) Damage dealt increases as health is reduced.
  • Steadfast (I): (Chest Plate) Increases knockback resistance by 75%.
  • Agility (I): (Leg Armor) Grants a chance to dodge incoming attacks, negating damage completely.
  • Mobility (I): (Leg Armor) Allows the wearer to step up 1 block tall inclines.
  • Fleetfooted (I): (Boots) Increases movement speed.
  • Harvest (I): (Tools) Adds a unique effect when using the enchanted Pick, Axe, or Hoe.
  • Resurrection (I): (Books) A book enchanted with Resurrection will protect its holder from incoming deadly damage, destroying itself in the process.