Wednesday 8 April 2015

Travelling Between Worlds - Big Changes

As some of you know we've been making some pretty big changes to the way players travel between worlds over the last 24 hours, the changes are designed to make travelling between worlds much faster and simpler as well as accommodating the Flight Beacon currently being trialled in Vault World, which it its hoped will be player placeable in Veteran World in the not so distant future.

Here's some details of the changes;
  • The most obvious change is that the Warp Zone has been replaced by the Portal Zone, the warp signs are gone and in their place is a selection of colourful portals! In fact, the whole area has been rebuilt from scratch.

  • You no longer need to do /spawn and walk back to the area again, with the exception of Diggybrine's Realm all the worlds now have return portals, so getting back to the Portal Zone is as simple as stepping back through a portal! We do have plans to use portals in Diggybrines Realm as well but this will take a little longer to get set up.

  • The spawn of the main World now has portals both to the Spawn World spawn and directly to the Portal Zone, this will make it a lot easier for players to get around. Combined with using /mvs to get to the world spawn the portals can get you from one world to another much faster in most cases.

  • Teleport commands, including /tpa, /back, /home etc no longer allow travel between the main World and Veteran World, as well as between Vault World and both the main World and Veteran World. To travel between these worlds you need to use the portals or go via /spawn, so for example if you are at your home in Veteran World and want to get to you home in the main World the fastest way would be to do /spawn and then /home.

    The reason for the last change is to accommodate switching between worlds where either the Flight Stone of Flight Beacon is enabled and is necessary to prevent the different methods of flight from clashing. With backpacks now allowing vast amounts of items to be carried between worlds not being able to switch between your home and vault using back etc shouldn't really loose you any time.

Remember, if you travel to a world where flight is disabled, either by teleport commands or via portals you will loose any flight time you have remaining.