Saturday 7 May 2016

Anti-Lag Spawn Changes

I've made some changes to help improve client performance (FPS), mostly for those experiencing client lag at Spawn.

The changes are:
  • Reduced number of Item Frames used at Spawn by around 70%. For example actual blocks are now used in the Land Claims Store rather than blocks in frames.
  • Reduced number of Signs at Spawn by around 10%. Signs barely cause any client lag but I figured it couldn't hurt to cut down on duplicate information.
  • Halved distance at which particles & frames load for players. This means that your client will render up to 75% less particles and Item Frames at any given moment.
The last change actually applies server-wide and so will also help keep client lag down in player builds that use a lot of Item Frames etc, such as shops and malls. This change will also reduce the loading distance of Vending Blocks by the same amount due to the way they work, which again will be useful for player shops and malls.

When I was making the loading distance changes I also noticed that the default loading distance for living entities (mobs etc) was very high, in fact it was well beyond the distance you could see them from. So, I've reduced that by 50% as well which seems a much more reasonable distance and should result in improved client performance in all worlds (but especially The End & The Nether).