Wednesday 25 May 2016

Site Revamp & DiggyVerse Merchandise!

Site Revamp

Some of you have already commented on the changes I've been making to the site over the last week, though many of the changes were small I hope you'll agree that they have made the site feel much more 'polished'. With advertising starting very soon I figured it was time to smarten things up a little!

DiggyVerse Merchandise!

This has been brought up by players many times over the last couple of years, sometime jokingly and sometimes seriously, and I always said maybe one day... well... DigginChickin finally persuaded me to do it!

I put together a few designs and spent a couple of days making a Spreadshirt shop with 34 unique items. I've added a minimal 'design fee' of just £1 and don't aim to make any significant money from the shop, but any profit will be used to cover web hosting related costs (domain registration, web/file hosting etc).

I hope you guys like the range we decided to go with, if you have any requests for additional items from the Spreadshirt range then please do let me know and I'll see what I can do about adding them!

To give some extra added value every item you purchase will earn you a free 'Tip Package' once the order is confirmed, PLUS you can earn an extra $2500 of in game money for submitting an image of you using/wearing any purchased items! 

Until 3rd June you can also get free delivery on orders over £30 using the code: BYEMAY

See the 'Merchandise' page for full details.