Friday 20 May 2016

Update: 2.0.4 Released!

This is a relatively small but mandatory update that introduces two new mods and makes a couple of changes as follows:
  • Added new mod, Cart Livery 0.11.1. An awesome little mod that allows you to dye Minecarts and apply pattern stamps to them. 
  • Added new mod, DV2Extras 1.0.1. A very small client side mod that, for now, simply downloads and installs JourneyMap automatically.
  • Railcraft: Fixed some small language file issues.
  • Assumes latest texture/resource pack (2.0.1).
Thanks to techbrew, the author of JourneyMap, for inspiring to come up with a solution that automated the inclusion of JourneyMap, whilst also meeting his requirement that each client downloads the mod directly from the official source.

As always for full details you can check the Changelog on the Technic Platform.

Extra release notes:

Whenever your client updates DV2Extras checks for JourneyMap, and if it's missing silently downloads it using the official Curse (CDN) link (as required by the mod author) and puts it into the correct folder for you. 

As the download takes place after Forge has finished loading you'll need to restart your client for JourneyMap to load, if the mod downloads successfully you'll see the above message when you join either a singleplayer or multiplayer world.

Cart Livery:

I only recently found out about this awesome little add-on for Railcraft and think it's a great addition to the modpack.

It's very simple, to dye a cart just right-click it with a dye!

To use the patterns you just use the Livery Cutting Tool to turn paper into Livery Stickers (20 designs available), then put your Livery Stickers into a crafting table with a dye above and a dye below to set the designs colours (primary colour on top, secondary on the bottom). Like using a dye you just need to right-click the cart to apply the Livery Sticker.

Livery Stickers can even be copied in seconds using a Livery Cutting Press.