Wednesday 4 May 2016

More Minimap Info

Unfortunately the authors modpack permissions had changed since I last downloaded the minimap (JourneyMap) mod and under the new terms it cannot be included in any modpack that distributes the mod directly.

This basically means that, like OptiFine, it cannot be included in the modpack by default.

After giving it some thought we decided to remove the mod, but not the configuration files and other settings, making it as easy as possible for players to add it themselves.

We've done this for a few reasons:
  • MapWriter has a few small but annoying bugs which the author has no intention of fixing, so we didn't want to revert back to using it.
  • Every other minimap we looked at was either discontinued, buggy, lacked additional world support, or was far less suitable for another reason.
  • JourneyMap offers a far better experience and quality than other options and as a huge bonus is still being actively developed for 1.7.10 meaning if bugs are found they will be fixed.
As with OptiFine it can be downloaded from the 'About' page, the link will be kept up to date and if/when a new version is released I will also post here to let everyone know.

I have edited the 2.0.2 update post to avoid confusion.