Sunday 23 November 2014

More New Server Features!

I've enabled a couple more new features on the server today:


Sneak and right-click a vanilla bookcase for one of over 100 random quotes!


You can now copy and edit signs!
  1. Copy the text from a sign by right-clicking it with an ink sac.
  2. Use the /sign command to edit the text: /sign edit [line] [new text] 
  3. Paste the text onto a sign by left-clicking it with an ink sac.
This feature fully supports the use of formatting codes!

Hidden Switches:

You can now activate a hidden lever by clicking a block!

Place a sign with [X] on the second line on the back of a block, then put a lever underneath the sign, right-clicking any other side of that block will then toggle the lever on and off!

Even more awesome features coming soon, I will also be adding an extra room to the Player Help building with a guide for many of these new features!