Wednesday 12 November 2014

Version 1.1.1 Released

This version contains a re-upgrade of Carpenters Blocks. You may remember that version 3.x had issues back in DiggyVerse 1.0.5 (as reported by basebuildhelper) and so we had to downgrade to version 2.x, well the mod author released a fixed version which has enabled me to re upgrade to 3.x! This brings back the carpenters tile as well as various behind the scenes improvements, the number of carpenters chisel designs has also been increased from 9 to 33 giving much more choice.

This version also includes some tweaks to rebalance Infernal Mobs (including a reduced chance of mobs being infernal), Enchanting Plus and GrowthCraft. I've also disabled apples naturally falling from GrowthCraft trees as it could produce a lot of drops.

For more information see the Changelog on the Technic Page.


Note: 1.1.1a released to correct some language file entries.