Wednesday 5 November 2014

Version 1.0.7 Released

Yep, that's two new versions in one day!

I updated several mods in 1.0.5 and for the most part these have all been problem free but I noticed an issue with Carpenters Blocks where a certain item could be almost impossible to remove under certain circumstances, then this afternoon basebildhelper found another issue. 

I have notified the mod author and their might be a fixed version in the next few weeks but I decided that for now the best thing to do was downgrade to a more stable version. However it is still a newer version than we had prior to 1.0.5, 2.1.2 rather than 2.0.8. I have tested for the bugs we found and they are definitely not present in this version.

It was also pointed out by basbuilderhelper that Ferment Barrels could not be protected by Lockette but that this would be useful, so I had a look into it and have updated the Lockette config to allow protection of the Ferment Barrel, Fruit Press, Bee Box and Brewing Kettle from GrowthCraft.