Saturday 8 November 2014

Server Down - I'll Update When I Know More

It appears that the server has developed a serious bug relating to multiworld features, it appears to be some kind of clash between bukkit (plugins) and forge (mods) which only occurs when several players are in different worlds, hence it was not noticed during testing.

Unfortunately this is a very severe bug and as a result I have had to take the server down, I honestly have no idea how long this will take to resolve but I will update here when I know more. 

I am currently taking a backup of the worlds etc so nothing will be lost even if I have to completely reinstall the server using a different version of bukkit etc, obviously though if it comes to that it could be some time before the server is back up.

Watch this space!

Update 12:00: I decided to upgrade the server side software, I have completed the upgrade and the world data etc is currently restoring but as it will be very late here when it completes (probably around 1:30am) I will be leaving the server down over night and testing things in the morning. I will post another update once I've run some tests and checked things over but I will not be able to recreate the issues we were having without other players online so intend to open the server asap.

Update 11:00 (9/11/2014): The server is back up and the whitelist is turned off!
I've switched back to multiverse but we are now using an unreleased development version which tries to compensate for the issue we experienced, I have also reinstalled the server software and upgraded to the latest 'stable' version of Cauldron (forge/bukkit) available. Obviously I won't know if the problem has been resolved until we get more people on and have a few players entering and leaving different world types (world, nether & end) at the same time. Please report any issues involving crashes when entering The End and The Nether asap if they do occur.