Thursday 29 January 2015

Coming Soon - Redstone Paste!

One of the most requested features and something I've been missing myself is enhanced redstone, specifically redstone that can go up walls and across ceilings!

The problem was that all the mods people suggested or that other packs use add a lot of machine related items, can cause significant client lag (like the red alloy wire in Tekkit), or have other issues when used on a server. Then I remembered watching this video a long time ago...

... and decided to see if the mod had been updated, I have finished testing the latest version for MC 1.6.4 with our pack and I'm pleased to say that we didn't find a single issue!

The mod only adds three items, redstone paste, sticky repeaters and sticky comparators and couldn't be any easier to understand and use, the green direction selector (you can see it in the video when he places the paste) also looks much better now. I think this mod makes a great addition to the pack!

I finished the 64x textures for it today, and Fyberoptic, the developer of this mod also made the Hopper Ducts mod we use so getting permission is not an issue! 

This mod will be added in the version 1.1.8 update to be released next week, along with version 1.1.0 of the texture pack (I'll try and get this out early), the update will also include some other changes, including the promised change to the Chocopedia (details of purple Chocobo breeding) and new mobs being added to my DiggysMobs mod!