Wednesday 21 January 2015

DiggyVerse 1.1.6 Released!

Changes in this version:
  • Updated Chococraft to version 3.0.6: A few Chocopedia spelling  corrections, disabled Chocopedia dropping from mobs, small chocobo menu fix.
  • Added DiggyVerseGuide 1.0.0
This update is mandatory and you will be unable to join the server until you have updated!

DiggyVerseGuide is a small mod I put together that contains a single item, the DiggyVerse Guide, which will be automatically given to all new players joining the server, I'll be giving copies to existing players when I next see them online. It can be copied by putting it in a crafting table with a Book and Quill.

Update: Version 1.1.6b has now been released due to a small error. This includes spelling corrections for the DiggyVerse Guide and also a small bug fix for CraftingTablePlus.

Note: The DiggyVerse guide is not compatible with Bibliocraft bookshelves due to the way I have coded it, I'm looking into whether I can get around this. For now though it can be placed on a normal Bibliocraft shelf or in a case.

Update: Version 1.1.6c has now been released to fix recipe clash reported to us by Jav0330 (straw/biscuit), straw is now crafted with 4 wheat (was 2) and gives 16 straw (was 8).