Monday 19 January 2015

Version 1.1.5 Released!

Changes in this version:
  • Updated DiggysStuff to 1.4.7: Trophies now emit light at same level as Glowstone. Added custom VIP block for Jav0330.
  • Updated DiggysAlphabet to 1.0.3: Added 4 new symbol blocks - Hash, Exclamation Mark, Question Mark & Hyphen.
  • Added new mod, CraftingTablePlus 1.0.1 (custom).
  • Added new mod, Chococraft 3.0.5 (custom).
  • Treecapitator: Fixed Neptunian Axe & Diggyolite Axe compatability. Fixed Growthcraft Apple Tree compatability. Fixed Biomes O' Plenty Fir, Pine & Origin Tree compatability. Basically ALL trees in the modpack are now compatible.
  • DamageIndicators: Disabled "Critical" pop off (fix for villager glitch).
  • Bibliocraft: Added Bookshelf support for Chocopedia.
  • TicTweaks: Enabled Tinkers Construct recipe for Stone Torch (player request).
This update is mandatory and you will be unable to join the server until you have updated!

Massive thanks to clienthax, who has taken over development of Chococraft, for allowing me to produce a custom version of the mod and providing me with assistance in fixing many of the bugs present in the official 1.6.4 version, despite only currently developing official releases for 1.7.10.

Because we generated the existing worlds without Chococraft present the Gysahl greens you need to tame them cannot be found all over the world as they usually would be, however I will be addressing this today.

Update: You can trade Chocobo feathers for Gysahl seeds at one of the village buildings in the adventure world (Diggybrine's Realm). The border of the main world is also being extended by 500 blocks, giving a ring around the world which will contain some naturally spawning Gysahl greens. Veteran World has already been trimmed and regenerated so that they are present throughout the world. Gysahl seeds will also drop occasionally from grass!

You may be asking, what is the benefit of Crafting Table Plus, we already have the Tinkers Construct Crafting Station. Well like the Crafting Station it won't drop items if you forgot something and need to go and get it, but in addition it has it's own 18 slot inventory, which it can automatically take items from as you are crafting, and it displays the item you are crafting on top of the table! It can, of course, also be locked with Lockette.