Wednesday 28 January 2015

Jav's Daily News

Some screenshots from Jav0330 covering the last 24 hours on the server...

Cedarpoint2 is the first player to find a naturally spawning End portal in the main world, he's protected it and the rumour is that he will be allowing entry for a small fee in the future!

I can also confirm that their is still at least one more portal to be found in the main world, plus of course their are two free portals in the adventure world... three if you count the naturally spawned one I stumbled across a few days ago! 

Cedarpoint2 exploring the End with sam_the_chicken!

Jav0330's diamond fishing rod, enchanted to the max!

Remember we pay $250 for every screenshot we use,
it's always fun to see what you guys/gals are up to!