Friday 4 March 2016

Sneak Peek - Better Villages & Shipwrecks

The new version of GrowthCraft brings with it some great new features for villages,
including orchards, rice paddies and beekeepers houses!

You won't find all the new features in every village but most have a couple of them, making them a lot more varied and in some cases a lot more rewarding to find!

One of the new mods that's made it's way into DigggyVerse 2.0 is Shipwrecks.

Four players requested this mod in the most recent feedback questionnaire,
and having tried it out we decided it was definitely worth including!

For those that haven't come across it before it basically adds a variety of shipwrecks to the world (as you'd probably guessed by the name), which randomly generate both in the ocean and on coastal land, sometimes containing loot.

Due to the way the mod generates the shipwrecks they will only be found in the main world,
and not in Veteran World, giving higher ranked players an extra reason to explore it!