Monday 21 March 2016

Sneek Peak - Mod Integration!

One thing that I've always felt the current 1.6.4 based version of DiggyVerse is lacking in is customisation of the recipes and uses of items from other mods.

DiggyVerse 2.0 contains literally thousands of tweaks aimed at better integration, I've already mentioned the addition of Thaumcraft Aspects to over 1000 additional items, blocks and mobs but here's some other examples of tweaks I've made:

Some of the items in Aquaculture were essentially useless and although I added a way to sell those items in DiggyVerse 1.x I know some players still find it annoying... not any more! Every single fish and other item from the mod now has at least one direct use, see the images above for a couple of examples.

Between Metallurgy and Tinkers Construct a lot of extra types of ores/metals are added, most of which have very limited uses. I've added over 100 additional recipes for mods like BiblioCraft and GrowthCraft which make some of those metals far more useful, again there's a couple of examples above.

Some of the Skill Orbs from Dynamic Sword Skills are very common and so players tend to build up more than they will ever need. Again I added a way to sell these in DiggyVerse 1.x but now you can simply craft unneeded orbs directly into Bottles O' Enchanting to either use yourself or sell to other players!

If you've used Thaumcraft before then you'll know that it adds Coins that you can get, for example, from loot bags. Mostly these coins are used to trade with Villagers but they can also be substituted for Gold Nuggets in some recipes. 

I've added a few extra basic crafting uses for the Thaumcraft Coins, like using them to craft the Golden Carrot, and also added a recipe that allows you to convert them into DiggysStuff Coins using an Ectonic Slender Pearl!

Talking about Villager trading, I've also added dozens of extra trades to vanilla Villagers, but you'll have to find out for yourself what they are!