Monday 7 March 2016

Sneak Peek - Swamps & Reapers

This sneak peek reveals the first of the new mobs added to DiggysMobs 2...
The Piranha!

This feisty little critter lives in Swamp biomes and will chase down and kill players, villagers or animals unlucky enough to fall into the water and get too close. They are found in small groups and can flap their tail at high speed allowing them to glide across the surface of the water and get to their target easier!
They even consume any meat, raw or cooked, dropped by their victims!

Reaper Changes

In the most recent player questionnaire a number of people said that the Reaper was their favourite mob, but we also had some feedback saying that they put players off living in or near swamps as they were difficult to avoid when they suddenly spawned (living next to a swamp myself I totally get that).

So, I've made some changes in DiggysMobs 2, firstly Reapers no longer spawn naturally in swamps, in fact they no longer spawn naturally in any biome. 

Instead when a player dies there's a 25% chance that a Reaper will spawn and try to kill any nearby players, for every player the Reaper kills there's then a 50% chance that it will de-spawn (on average they de-spawn after 2 kills). This means that they won't kill you over and over any more, but it also means that you have a limited chance to kill them before they de-spawn. 

Why would you care about killing them? Well, they now drop a new item, the Nether Star Fragment. Combine four Nether Star Fragments with a little ectoplasm and bingo you have a new way of getting yourself a Nether Star!