Friday 25 March 2016

Sneak Peek - Biomes, Food & Drink!

This sneak peek is a little late (I was supposed to post it yesterday) but to make up for it I've made it an extra large one!

I posted about a couple of the custom biomes I've added to DiggysMobs a few weeks ago, now it's time to reveal some details about the other three...

Meadow, Citrus Isles & English Orchard

The screenshot above is a Meadow with an English Orchard in the background!

I've always loved the way the Biomes 'O Plenty author made his apple trees work, simply right-clicking the leaves to pick the fruit once it was ripe, so I decided to make my own fruit trees based on that idea. Fruit only grows on the outer leaves.

Each type of fruit tree is unique to a specific biome as follows:

Meadow: Cherry & Plum
Citrus Isles: Lemon & Orange
English Orchard: Apple & Pear

The Meadow biome also has an exclusive custom mob, Butterflies, with various colors!

In addition to the trees I've also added 8 new crops, 6 for foods and 2 for drinks:

Food crops: Tomato, Onion, Parsnip, Chilli, Lettuce & Turnip.
Drink Crops: Tea & Coffee.

All the new crop items can be planted directly, like you plant carrots & potatoes in vanilla.

In addition though I've added 'Sprouts', for all my custom crops and also carrots & potatoes. These Sprouts drop randomly from grass, with different sprouts dropping in different biomes, and each sprout type can be obtained from two different biomes. 

So, you'll need to do some exploring to gather all the different crop types!

As you may have guessed fruits trees and more crops means that we're dropping the Useful Food mod in the 1.7.10 update.

Instead I've added a whole load of custom foods and drinks, over 300 in fact, that make full use of the ingredients available! Below are a few examples...

As you can see the selection includes sweet & savoury pies, extra breads, cheesecakes, pizzas, salads, pasta dishes, cakes, jellies, cereal, ice cream cones, waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, jams, stews, various meat dishes and soups, plus hot and cold drinks.

What's more I've also added numerous cross-mod recipes allowing items from other mods, such as Barley from Natura and Fish Fillets from Aquaculture, to be used where appropriate!

Anyone familiar with my minigames, going right back to Tekkit Classic, will remember the ongoing joke about waffles... well now the waffles are no longer a lie!