Saturday 12 March 2016

Sneak Peek - Foxes!

One of the most requested things in the last feedback questionnaire
was more mobs, specifically... a few more animals.

So here's the first of the new mobs I've added to my mod, 
Diggys Mobs, for the 2.0 update... the Fox! 

This little fellow is cute, fast and always on the lookout for his next meal!

If you are keeping chickens or ducks then make sure they're in a secure pen, foxes will try everything they can to get to them and if they do it's feast time!

The Fox also has a smaller cousin, the Arctic Fox!

Just because they're smaller doesn't mean they are any slower or less hungry! 

They tend to blend in to their habitat, snowy biomes, so can be very hard to spot.

Both variations drop Fox Fur, which can be crafted into a suit (either white or orange), and when a full set is worn your running speed is boosted by 20%