Wednesday 2 March 2016

Sneak Peek - New Custom Biomes!

Biomes O Plenty is being dropped from the modpack for 1.7.10.

As much as I love the mod the new biomes added to vanilla in 1.7.10 are great and with Biomes O Plenty installed they just get lost among the massive number of biomes!

So, I decided to just add a few of my own instead to give a little extra variety without drowning out the vanilla biomes, here's a little preview of two of the more simple ones...

Autumnal Forest

This biome adds a splash of colour to the landscape, the three tree colours grow randomly from a single sapling type and leaf piles spread naturally across the forest floor! 


I love the new Podzol block in 1.7.10 but it isn't really used much in the vanilla biomes, so I decided to add a biome using it as the entire top layer! This biome is covered in low growing bushes, grass and dead bushes, with the occasional patch of Natura barley and a complete absence of flowers.

In addition to these two biomes I've also added three more, but I'll post about those later as they all share a new feature I'm not ready to reveal yet!