Sunday 17 April 2016

Competition Results: Go Fish!

The competition has ended and it's time to announce the winners!

So here they are, our winning entries...

1st Place: dino_king with a massive 468lb Halibut!

Congratulations on winning the grand prize of $3000 + 32 Gold Tokens!

2nd Place: Jav0330 with a slightly smaller, 464lb, Capitaine! 

Congratulations on winning  $1500 + 32 Silver Tokens!

3rd Place: Cullyn22 with a very respectable 395lb Halibut!

Congratulations on winning $500 + 32 Bronze Tokens!

All the other players who entered have been also been given 8 Bronze Tokens! 

Congratulations again to the winners, and if you didn't win.. better luck next time!