Sunday 10 April 2016

Server Down - Back Soon!

The server went down around 30 minutes ago due to a software glitch (somehow the server time got changed), we believe this has been fixed and the server should be back up very soon, check here for updates.
I had an update ready to go so I'm going to take this opportunity to release it now rather than having a separate downtime for it later or tomorrow, you can download the client update as soon s it's available you don't need to wait until the server is back up.

Update - 13:50: The server is back up with a temporary whitelist while we check things over, the client update should start hitting the launcher within the next couple of minutes.

Update - 14:25: For some reason the update isn't reaching the launcher, fingers crossed it won't be much longer, the Technic Platform can be a  little slow in processing updates sometimes!

Update - 14:40: The update has started hitting the launcher and the whitelist has been removed so you can join as soon as you've downloaded the update!